How was the relationship between Prince William and Queen Camilla?

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Prince WilliamNow the first heir to the British throne, he is one of the most beloved characters in the royal family as he is totally dedicated to serving the crown alongside his mother from a very young age. Lady given. After losing, he had to live a very difficult moment and then got his father’s second marriage with his lover. Camilla, How has been your relationship with the new Queen Consort?

recently Prince William and Camilla Gave us a beautiful image during the official announcement of King Charles IIILike a gentleman, the Monarch’s eldest son helped lead the new Queen Consort to the task where her husband would become King of England.

This act may seem simple For some, but remembering family history is certainly an important moment that gives us an image of acceptance, respect and even affection between them. This has shown how their relationship has changed as it is clear that it has not always been so close.

Diana of Wales revealed in a controversial interview for the BBC that “there were three in her marriage”, Camilla’s image was hated for many, many years (if not forever), as Lady Di earned the affection of those people. who replaced him supports those who have hurt him.

The controversy also called into question his role as the future head of the English Empire. Relations with the children of her now husband were not as friendly as they are now. While his father was fighting for the love of his life to be accepted by the city and even his family, Prince William mourning the tragic loss of his mother in 1997 When he was only 15 years old.

In 2001, it was now the Prince of Wales’ turn to meet Camilla at a Press Complaints Commission party at Somerset House and slowly accept that she was his father’s companion and would become his wife as he had previously desired. ,

He was slowly taking his place naturally in the royal family. Finally, in 2005, Queen Elizabeth II allowed them to marry. In a discreet civil marriage with mainly close family and then a religious blessing. As they gave each other the much-desired “Yes, I accept”, the controversial Camilla turned and treated Carlos as support, sponsoring charitable causes and filling the role of the future queen consort that she is today. without taking away the prominence of her husband.

Queen Elizabeth II played a very important role so that both Prince William and his younger brother, Prince HarryThey will accept their father’s wife. The emperor gradually normalized his appearance and so did his grandchildren., However, many Britons, despite the years, still do not forgive that the couple was the reason for Diana’s unhappiness.

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