Howdy Uncle’s Possible Identity Revealed

This Friday’s episode of SmackDown ended with a segment of Bray Wyatt in the ring and the introduction of a new character named Uncle Howdy. Event that followers of the WWE Universe have already taken advantage of to speculate on a possible identity.

What did Bray Wyatt talk about in his segment in the ring? It’s the best version of ourselves and the most real we’ve ever known. However, he also warned that there is still a part of them that is not afraid of anything and often does terrible things.

On the other hand, the clue that fans have taken to reveal the identity of the person behind the Uncle Howdy mask is an earring in his left ear. for some This is what Bo Dallas used in his time on television Just before leaving the company in 2021.

Below is a tweet with a comparison montage.

Last month it was rumored that Bo Dallas might return to WWE at the hands of his brother Bray Wyatt, but not much has been known about it yet. However, with this description, it could be the person behind this new character’s mask, who will be part of Wyatt’s new phase in the company.

This is the first volume of Uncle Howdy:

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