“Hoy” puts Queen Elizabeth in an offering for Day of the Dead, doesn’t it?

  • Based on the study “National Survey on the Availability and Use of Information Technology in Families (ENDUTIH)”, media with the greatest penetration into Mexican households were identified.

  • Queen Elizabeth’s death was measured by signature through ratings generated by its coverage in the media.

  • Betting on content is a function that also has a measure of effectiveness in digital marketing.

“yes” had the idea of ​​putting a offer of death day and put a picture of him in it queen isabelleHowever, the recognition he gave to the emperor on television resulted in social networks.

Creativity in content and its creation in various media takes into account both traditional and digital media, defining actions that have a consumer impact. The program “Hoy” considers its content on the basis of being broadcast live on open television. the channel youtube They feel that their videos are based on the weather and with very relevant features of this channel, such as the possibility of being able to create content where there is no time or place limit, as they can be consulted at any time of the day. Can be given and not necessarily in front of a television.

Queen Elizabeth in the “Hoy” offering

“Today he broadcasts his November 2 broadcast with a unique mention, as he has established an offering for the Day of the Dead, in which he has placed the image of Queen Elizabeth, who died this year, assuring That this news had great implications for the consumers who saw the fact in the world.

The action became an interesting material predecessor that, despite being thought of as seasonal, a major resource for attracting the attention of consumers and viewers, in the case of a television channel, was not correct in resorting to the image of an English monarch. was. Percent activation of Mexican culture.

Just as the event happened, which was criticized across the network, as we see in the witnesses shown below, we have also seen successes on Day of the Dead, such as the campaign that Victoria joined Thought the seasonality of dates with a piece titled “Sempaschil: We’re Living Offerings from Ways That Are No longer”.

“In this 2022 we realized that we want to make up for the time lost after confinement due to the Mexican pandemic. We are re-evaluating what is really important to us, such as being close to our loved ones and giving ourselves the opportunity to live again, becoming aware of what we have lost. That’s why at Cerveza Victoria we want this Day of the Dead to be special. We want to continue to honor those who are no longer with us through our memories and what they have sown in us so that we can continue to move forward in life. Told une arangureneDirector of Cerveza Victoria at Grupo Modelo.

Seasonal sales are without a doubt the best excuse, which is why brands engage with these opportunities.With products and functions in communication, that tells us how important creativity has become in the market, not only as a phenomenon, but as a proven, to avoid bad results in its execution.

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