Hundreds of speed cameras are stolen in Sweden and their technology later appears in Russian war drones

least 160 speed cameras stolen in Sweden In recent months, according to a report by the Swedish Security Service. These data coincide with the appearance of Russian homemade drones with cameras of the same type used by Swedish radars in the war in Ukraine.

The coincidence of the two news leads us to think that Russia acquired equipment stolen in Sweden to make home surveillance drones. Thieves loot the material between midnight and 3 a.m. and estimates estimate the cost to be About 23,000 euros per radar.

According to the data collected, the criminals did not damage the radar, but tried to acquire parts of the hardware. from this to speed sensor unless flashparty in charge image processing And this dslr camera,

For their part, domestic Russian drones that crashed on Ukrainian soil contained some of this technology. The Ukrainian Defense Ministry has isolated some of them and assures that they have a canon camera Velcro is attached to a small steel plate that corresponds to the Swedish radar.

It is unknown which drones have been obtained for Hamill's charity, but it is known that there are more than 500.

The Swedish Security Service (Spo) acknowledges a possible link between the theft of its radar and domestic Russian drones. However, agency spokesman Fredrik Hultgren-Frieberg commented that They “couldn’t go into more detail” Not to mention my research on the matter.

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