Hurricane Ian once again delays NASA’s Artemis I launch plans: We’ll have to wait until November

NASA’s Artemis I mission was first intended to fly on August 29, but a series of technical failures led to several delays in launch, this time to November.

space agency Escondido El Cohete Space Launch System (SLS) Inside the assembly building to save it from Hurricane Ian. That natural disaster devastated much of Florida last week, causing deaths, power outages and damage to the city.

Kennedy Space Center (Florida) was hit directly by the storm and Establishment entered HURCON I state last 28 september. HURCON is a warning scale that triggers specific actions for an oncoming storm, and in this case, the warning is activated twelve hours before the arrival of 93 km/h winds.

The facility was shut down during HURCON I, and fortunately, NASA said in a statement that “there was no damage to the Artemis flight hardware, and facilities are in good condition Only minor water infiltration has been identified in places.”

In the coming weeks, the space agency will expand the access platform around the rocket for additional inspection, maintenance, testing and a flight termination system reset.

The tail was discovered by SOAR.

Although there is a launch period from October 17 to 31, NASA has ruled this out due to weather conditions: “Focusing on the November launch period gives Kennedy employees time meet the needs of their families and homes after the stormAnd for the teams to identify the additional checks needed before returning to the pad for launch.”

NASA estimates that Observation and launch will take place between November 12 and November 27However, the space agency will announce a specific date in the coming days.

In the event that Hurricane Ian causes damage or another meteorological event gets in the way, the space agency Will try again from 9th to 23rd December,

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