I envy Victoria Ruffo, she almost left the world of living and now she sells churros

Victoria Ruffo

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Victoria Ruffo is one of the most popular telenovela actresses in the entire history of Mexico and even those who haven’t seen her show surely know her. She has stood out for being a first-rate theatrical actress, especially because she has suffered inexplicably in her novels.

Obviously, he has also faced tragedies and scandals in his real life, but soap operas have tested his acting prowess and he has without a doubt shown his worst side.

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However, there is one actress who wanted to be like him but suffered even more in real life.

It was Margaret Grelia who wanted to be like Ruffo

The actress, who dazzled with her role in ‘Mirada de Mujer’, wanted to be a top star on Televisa like Victoria Ruffo, but felt her role on this television station was “the same.” From there he went to TV Azteca, but years later he suffered the most and fell into a coma. Slowly he is recovering and has now opened ‘Chocolate y Churros San Agustin’ in San Miguel de Allende.

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