“I love you zoo”, Christian Nodal can’t take it anymore and melts with love for Kazoo with this tender message

Christian Nodal is already screaming from the rooftops that he has love for his partner StoolThe Sonora singer was one of the celebrities who wrote congratulations to their beloved on their social networks, ever since the singer began her tour “Cheating Babe 2022” And to celebrate, he uploaded a series of photos from the first event he held in Argentina.

The interpreter of songs such as “Goodbye Love”, “From the Kiss I Give You”, “Here Bottle” and “Bottle After the Bottle” wrote a tender message for Juliet Emilia Cazuchelli”The real name of his partner, the words with which he surprises fans aware of his relationship.

“Great show like you. I love you zoo”


With this declaration of love, the news of the young people having a formal relationship prevails, as it should be noted that they have only spoken publicly about the subject on one occasion and mentioned that they were together. But before that they were rumors and data that was generated by part of the same followers.

in the images in which he reacted nodal, Stool She is seen wearing a white bodysuit with jewelry and a belt, which highlighted her figure and beauty and also made her comfortable to dance dance moves while the hairstyle was a half ponytail with a big bow.

Kajju and Nodal’s sign of love

The stars have been captured together several times, they almost always hug or hold hands. it was at a concert Visin and Yandeli Held on Kayla’s Esplanade where they were very much in love and singing in the front row.

It must be remembered that the first time they were romantically linked was because they were seen having a meal in a restaurant. Cerro San Cristóbal El AltoIn Antigua Guatemala, others took the opportunity to tour the city.

This was one of the first photos together. FB/Fan Nodal

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