IBM introduces its Osprey quantum processor with over 400 qubits

IBM has unveiled a quantum processor 433 qubits whom. gets the name osprey, The 400-plus quantum bits of this supercomputer are more than the 127 qubits of Eagle, the processor system the brand introduced in 2021.

Its annual “quantum roadmap” was announced at the ‘IBM Quantum Summit 2022’, where it also discussed new solutions to facilitate the adoption of quantum computing among companies and Updated information about IBM Quantum System Two.

The ‘IBM Quantum Summit’ is a report that technology firms launch every year to report on the latest advances that define the future of quantum computing or supercomputing. IBM senior vice president and research director Dario Gil elaborated in the sheet that Osprey “brings us a little closer to the point where quantum computers will be used to address previously insoluble problems”.

Thanks to Osprey, the company hopes it can run complex quantum calculations “Beyond what any classical computer would be able to do.”

It seeks to promote quantum artificial intelligence research.

In addition to the supercomputer, IBM has released a beta update of Qiskit Runtime, a quantum software that aims to simplify the use of this technology. company for Will allow the user to trade speed for quality with an API option.

The brand has also mentioned a collaboration with vodafone, with which they intend to study how to apply IBM’s quantum security cryptography to teleoperators’ technical infrastructure. He has also commented on the expansion of his quantum network. BOSCHfrench bank Credit Mutuel Alliance Federated and the Swiss Innovation Campus uptownbasel,

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