If you have been able to compete with the teleoperators to get offers: this is what I am talking about with the client’s attention.

Customers will be able to use technology based on artificial intelligence to they are in charge of talking with the teleoperators. Thanks to this, users will not have to wait several minutes until a customer service employee picks up the phone for a lower price or bargains until they are offered a better mobile rate.

DoNotPay is an American company specialized in AI that had previously used its technology to reduce recurring parking fines and, now, is also capable of renegotiating invoices and canceling services with telcos. Joshua Browder, consejero delegate of the brand, has demonstrated how to get his chatbot a discount of 10 dollars on the next invoice of Comecast’s Xfinity Internet service to one of its engineers.

Browder used the technology of DoNotPay to interact with his employee and “exaggerate the Internet interruptions” to get a reward for the inconvenience caused by Comecast. The entrepreneur told on his Twitter account that the IA actuó “in a form similar to how he would take a client” and even threatened with taking legal actions for the “problems of the service”.

This tool only receives updates.

Where do you know the IA of DoNotPay is used? the autoregressive language model GPT-3 from OpenAI, del que ultimamente se está hablando mucho. However, there are still many tests ahead so that the chatbot that replaces the customers in their conversations with the teleoperators will come to light.

As above, Browder has indicated that the commercial version will not only serve for phone calls, but that customers will be able to use for online forms, chats and e-mails.

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