If you have Xiaomi Mobile, this interests you: the firm will phase out its cloud storage system before 2023

Asian brand cloud storage service Xiaomi Cloud will shut down before the end of 2022. This decision of the company will force MIUI users to find an option to save the captured videos and images from their mobiles.

The technology firm announced the closure of Xiaomi Cloud through a post on its website that was taken down (can be viewed at web.archive.orh). However, MIUI’s Polish translator Kcper Skrzypek informed on his Twitter account that the company has informed of their intention and they will try to provide the feature. Migrating your content to Google Photos.

Those who don’t want to use Google Photos and prefer another cloud storage service will have to download all the files to do it manually. Also, internet users who were paying for Xiaomi Cloud Gallery will have to stop doing so.

“From XX, XX, 2022, the gallery sync function will no longer be supported by Xiaomi Cloud,” reads the company’s post. ‘X’ means that The company still has no clear date And the fact that they deleted the post because they didn’t want to make it official yet.

In the document, Xiaomi addressed its customers and assured them that Your data was not being erased. Rest assured that you will still have access to your archived photos and videos, as we have partnered with Google Photos to support the migration and backup of your data.

Its price ranges from 29 euros.

“If you currently pay for a Xiaomi Cloud subscription, Your payment will be canceled automatically”, he explained in the publication. He also explained that those who paid to receive exclusive benefits in the cloud storage service would receive a “full refund”.

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