‘I’m Betty La Fey’ actress reveals she hasn’t had sex for 10 years

An actress of the successful melodrama that we all love, admitted that for more than 10 years she has been happily kept in complete moderation without a passionate partner and as a sign of self-love.

Starring Ana María Orozco and Jorge Enrique Abello, I’m Betty the Ugly This is telenovela par excellence that will never go out of style. Despite always being in the top 10 in popularity, his departure from Netflix surprised many. 20 years after its debut, the television phenomenon is still more relevant than ever and fortunately If you miss out on the telenovela, there are tons of options to tune in., The revelations never stop with the Colombian melodrama airing Monday to Thursday at 9:30 p.m. on Azteca 7 and a recent actress from the cast made a strong confession.

It is about model and actress Marcela Posada, the longtime secretary working at ‘Ikomoda’ and a member of the beloved “Ugly Barracks”, who brought life to fun. in an interview on the program trick From RCN, Posada spoke in depth about her personal life and while addressing her love situation, she mentioned that she has been without a partner and without sex for almost 10 years. Furthermore, she said that she feels really fulfilled and happy on her own and doesn’t need love and sex.

according to the actress I’m Betty the UglyBeing restrained romantically and sexually for a decade has been a personal decision and a real display of self-love. Posada insists that she isn’t interested in engaging in a momentary love affair for now and will reject it if someone comes to her door because “it feels really cool.” Similarly, Marcella said that during the time she hasn’t dated anyone, she has understood that her own happiness is based on other things and that although there are people who need a life as a couple, they don’t have a relationship. do not require.


Actress Marcela Posada with her teammates from “Ugly Barracks”.

On the romance front, the actress had her own love story with Fernando Gaten, who is a . was the director of I’m Betty the UglyWho sadly passed away in 2019. In her own words, her relationship with the director of the Colombian melodrama was “very beautiful” and was never a secret to the rest of the production. The courtship between him and Gaten occurred early in the novel, but did not progress further because their personalities were too different, as they loved to party and preferred not to leave their house.


Actress Marcella Posada today.

With more than two decades in the television phenomenon, the lives of actors have changed drastically. the success he has I’m Betty the Ugly Unprecedented, with over 28 adaptations in the world, dubbed in over 20 languages ​​and with fans in over 100 countries in which it has aired. If you can’t watch it Monday through Thursday at 9:30 PM Azteca 7, don’t forget that there are tons of ways to keep tuning in to your favorite telenovela.

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