‘I’m Mad’: Christina Applegate Opens Up About Her Life With Multiple Sclerosis After Gaining Weight and Running With a Cane

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Christina Applegate living difficult days as a result of His fight against multiple sclerosis. The actress to return to Netflix with the third season of ‘Dead to Me’ He talked about the changes and the physical problems he has had to deal with in recent times.

The “Married…with Kids” star revealed new York Times that in this new cycle of the series, people will see her “as I am” for the first time, as a result of her illness have gained weightSomething that had to be accepted. “I want people to know that I am very aware of all this,” he said.

But not only that, because this physical change has also affected his mobility. today, Christina Applegate can’t walk without the help of a cane. “Accept? No. I’ll never accept it. I’m getting angry”he claimed.

The actress commented that after the diagnosis “‘Well, let’s give her a medicine so she can get better.'” But nothing has gotten better since then. “But it was good for me. I needed to process the loss of my life, the loss of that part of me. That’s why I needed that time.”

The “Anchorman” protagonist was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis while filming the third season of “Dead to Me” in August 2021, forcing production to stop so he could begin his treatment. The Netflix series returns to Netflix this November 17.

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