Impact photo of Consuelo Duval in 1986 as she modeled in a bikini and looked like a magazine

We just celebrated in Mexico death day And recently the famous international holiday Halloween was also celebrated, in this context it has attracted attention that recently the talented actress, consuelo duval shocked spectators “Divine Trap” After admitting that her daughter had the “ability” to see dead people in the same way as the famous hero of the horror film, “The Sixth Sense.”

during the recent broadcast of uniqableThe protagonist of “La Familia P.Luche” startled all his companions to remember that his daughter could see dead people from a very young age, something that caused great terror and anguish in her, so the news broke. Immediately positioned itself the center of the reflectors.

Her beauty is unique from the 1980s

Let’s remember that within Federica’s interpreter “Family P. Luche” Ranked herself as one of the sweetest and most successful women, she is the Chihuahua Maria del Consuelo Dusz Calzada, Better known as Consuelo Duval, a famous actress, presenter, comedian and dubbing actress who is currently recognized for her participation in the program “Netas Divas”.

She is the daughter of the famous singer born on January 11, 1969 Jose Antonio Dusz and Consuelo Calzada Vidal, better known as “Chelo”, is a successful Mexican singer and is remembered for being one of Augustin Lara’s official interpreters.

She has positioned herself as one of the most iconic women on Mexican television thanks to her excellent attitude and good sense of humour, which is why she has a huge number of followers on the social network who watch her career over the years. are.

Consuelo Duval in 1986 when she was 17 years old. Photo: Special

It is now through social networks that an image of Consuelo Duval has become relevant and is a postcard where the famous woman is rarely seen posing, as she is seen next to a pool with a bikini, striking The thing is, this is a postcard where famous friends of eugenio derbez He is 17 years old and it is clearly shown that


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