IMSS “steals” Spotify’s strategy and promotes a “human rights celebration”

  • The official IMSS Instagram profile used the design of a application Spotify to promote your content.

  • The response from the users was great considering the impact of other posts.

  • Spotify is recognized as the world’s leading music distribution brand and platform.

profile of imss instagram used one of the designs that went viral on social networks in connection withinstafest“, The application This allowed users to find out what their ideal festival would be according to the artists they listen to the most in their profile. Spotify,

ecstasy application It comes just at the time of the year when festivals such as Flow Fest, El Corona Capital and Hell and HeavenAmong others, grab users’ attention and be the center of conversation.

IMSS “steals” Spotify’s strategy and promotes a “human rights celebration”

In recent days, a successful design has been shared by a large number of users among Instagram users, inspired by the timing of the concert. Therefore, the IMSS profile on the social network, known as “IMSStagram”, noticed this and decided to use it to their advantage to promote a “human rights celebration”.

This is the basic design of Instafest:

This is the design of the Human Rights Festival:

As can be seen in the design, among the topics discussed yesterday, November 28 to December 9, are:

  • hiv care
  • gender violence
  • domestic workers
  • Inclusion
  • same sex intercourse
  • indigenous languages

this strategy of Marketing Appreciated by users, who gave comments such as “Your social media team is good”, although they also received critical comments such as “The medical and administrative staff often leave a lot to be desired”.

Spotify in 2022

The Swedish company has given a lot to talk about during 2022. Its impact on the digital conversation has ranged from the issue of misinformation around Covid-19 through its controversy with Neil Young and famous sponsorship with FC Barcelona, ​​to managing to give the club an economic break after its work with Rakuten . until the “controversy” where it was speculated that now former football player Gerard Piqué would jersey Shakira’s name.

However, Brand’s work has not remained in the mentions in the network. just the way the entertainment giants like it netflix, using a model similar to Spotify, has had to adapt to the demands of its business. Thus, it has become the leader in the music market leaving all its competitors behind. Apple Music and Amazon Music most current

In fact, since its inception in 2006, the platform has proven itself to be home to a wide variety of music content, audiobooks, podcasts, and more. It has become one of the most used apps in the world in 2022, The number of paid Spotify subscribers worldwide reaches 180 million for the first time in 2021.

These represent half of the Swedish app’s monthly active users, so the total number of subscribers has grown from 286 million at the beginning of 2020 to 406 million by the end of 2021, according to company data.

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