In front of the mirror, the wife of Marco Antonio Solis raises the temperature showing her curves

Marco Antonio Solis is one of the most important singers in the history of our country and who has managed to rise internationally for his career not only as a solo artist, but also as the leader of the group ‘Los Bucis’ . The 62-year-old musician is touring Latin America and also takes advantage of the time for sightseeing and is always seen with his wife, Christy Solisso, Proving that she is one of the most beautiful women, she showed her body in front of the mirror.

work program of Mark Antony solis This has been quite complicated, given that he has toured the most important cities in Europe as a solo artist and in the United States he has done it with Los Bucis. In the last hours, he confirmed via his social network that he will be present at the Latin Grammys 2022 gala as he will be recognized as Person of the Year and at the ceremony for his 40-year career.

Marco Antonio Solis to be honored at the Latin Grammy Awards. Source Instagram @marcoantoniosolis_official

The great feature of Bookie’s life is that he visits every city with his beautiful wife, Christy Solis, who also manages other businesses that go far beyond singer music. On more than one occasion they have been seen together in the most important cities of the world and even their daughters, Alison and Marla Solis, are usually there.

Marco Antonio Solis with his beautiful wife Christy Solis. Source Instagram @cristy_solis

Through his Instagram account where he has about 300 thousand followers, Christie solis Show off your incredible curves in front of the mirror and raise the temperature of the camera’s social network. wife of feast She wore a tight black dress with a white coat, which highlighted the former Cuban model’s curves.

other thing, Christy Solisso Shared with all her followers her visit to the Iguazu Falls located on the border between Brazil and Argentina and where she is seen posing with the landscape in the background. In addition, Marco Antonio Solis’ wife has been praised for her cleavage and her figure at the age of 50 shows that she exercises to stay fit.

Christie Solis showing off her figure. Source Instagram @cristy_solis

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