In Search of a Thief: This Technique Could Catch You Red-handed If You Steal Something at the Supermarket

In Spain, an average of one million robberies occur each year in supermarkets, department stores and shops, And, one in two of these thefts are perpetrated by regular customers. However, less than 5% are currently detected, which is a persistent loss-making deal for which there was no adequate effective solution until now.

Technology, and especially artificial intelligence, has managed to change that. The French company Veesion, founded in Spain since last January, assures that Thanks to its theft detection system, merchants reduce their losses by over 60%,

it’s about a software based on AI enabled Detect live movements likely to be thieves and thus manage to prevent crime: “At Vician we have developed a technology based on the following” read or learn attentively And this artificial intelligence Pablo Blanco, executive director of Vesian, explains, “Gestures resembling robbery and theft patterns to detect and automatically detect them, in real time, from video surveillance cameras already in the business.”

just install one Device The size of a box of sardines and connects to router Of the shop Using the cameras you already have, Analyze gestures and send alerts to the app when suspicious behavior occurs,

This solution works great on all For stores that have smaller productsEasy to carry in a pocket, in a bag or in a backpack. especially supermarketpharmacies, cosmetic stores, perfumeries or even electronics stores.

“Businesses can have security guards, security arches, security cameras … the whole system. But you cannot stop someone from coming, taking something, putting it in your pocket and going away., That’s why our solution is so successful, because for a type robo That there’s nothing else that can stop it,” Blanco says.

The advantage of this system is that It’s an artificial intelligence that learns with each robbery, so it improves its traceability and adapts to what happens in each store. In other words: it has ‘active learning’ which continuously improves performance by learning from stored data to be more precise.

most common robberyAccording to the CEO of Veesion, ‘Classic Robbery’When someone puts something, he takes it in his pocket, and ‘Steal from the right’, when someone makes a major purchase but decides to pick up an item because they are already paying for everything else and believe they are ‘entitled’ to that item for free. Furthermore, he says, in recent times ‘Baby Carriage Robbery’That includes leaving the supermarket with shopping in the stroller’s basket.

There are already over 600 establishments in Spain who benefit from software And in Europe, Veesion’s technology is present in more than 2,000 stores.

Who can see the images captured by the store’s cameras?

In theory, only managers, security officers or employees who have previously been authorized can view the images. Recorded people also have the right to access the images In which they appear to follow the instructions set out by Article L 253-5 of the French Internal Security Code.

In any case, this technology may never be used as a recognition system, as Veesion’s executive director stated: “This technology is based entirely on a gestural algorithm. The company does not use facial recognition tools, customer tracking or identity registration, A thief who enters and steals one day may enter the same shop the next day software Send alerts of any kind to those responsible for the business”.

technology Nor does it allow the identification of physical or physiological characteristics, such as the sex or race of the person making the gesture and, therefore, This type of information does not discriminate one person from another,

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