In the rays of the sun: Karol ji’s sister raised the temperature with a tight swimsuit

Catherine Giraldo is a prominent Colombian influencer, stylist and businesswoman, also known as the half-sister of the successful singer. Karol ji, Although they do not have a close relationship, he has been full of compliments towards his sister. Through her Instagram account, the young woman fell in love with an incredible post that raised the temperature, where she was seen wearing a tight swimsuit that grabbed everyone’s attention.

28 years old, Catherine Giraldo She is a nature, sea, animals, a stylist and a fan of dance and sports. She is the daughter of Bichota’s father, named Guillermo Giraldo, and as much as she tried to get closer to her after her mother’s death, she did not get a favorable response. In regards to his relationship with the interpreter of ‘Tusa’, he assures that they do not speak to each other, but he has great admiration for them because of the career they have pursued.

Catherine Giraldo is Karol’s half-sister. Source Instagram @katheringiraldo19

Karol is a few years older than ji Catherine And in recent days he was in news for having suffered a minor accident at a concert in the United States, a country where he is doing a short tour. The Colombian singer suddenly made a move that destroyed her clothes on the stage. A few days ago, in Miami, Bichhota rolled down the stairs while giving a show and caused a reaction of the fans.

to be no less than small, Catherine Giraldo She shows through her Instagram account that she has nothing to envy him and there she is in charge of showing off her incredible figure. Through one story, she managed to raise the temperature and attract her over 100 thousand followers by wearing a tight swimsuit, which confirms that she is one of the most beautiful women of all.

In another of his posts, Catherine Giraldo The tiny camera posing in swimsuits by the beach tested the limits of the social network’s censorship along with a set of lingerie that left everyone breathless. Plus, she takes advantage of her role as ambassador to show off her figure and if you didn’t know, she has her own brand of coffee.

Catherine Giraldo defied the limits of the ban. Source Instagram @katheringiraldo19

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