India will also force manufacturers to adopt USB-C on all devices, including Apple devices

The European Union approved this regulation in October Will force all manufacturers to adopt universal USB-C chargers to your devices within the continent. That decision also affected Apple, which has used a different port than other devices until now. However, Europe will not be the only region in need of such a measure.

According to The Economic Times, India intends to reach an agreement to implement USB-C chargers as a common charging standard. An official told the news outlet that the government had met with tech firms including Samsung, HP, Dell, Lenovo and AppleWho did not oppose the possible change.

Currently, the apple brand is most affected by this type of decision. In Europe he had shown his disapproval on several occasionsHowever, in late October they confirmed that they would be marketing iPhones with USB-C chargers in EU member states. “We don’t have a choice,” Greg Joswak, Apple’s senior vice president of worldwide marketing, resigned, and this will happen in the Asian country as well.

Apple recently introduced USB-C ports, but most of their devices rely on Lightning chargers. The company said EU legislation “suppresses innovation,” But it looks like he’s already given up on change That now it will not only happen in the old continent.

Portable electronic devices should include a USB Type-C input.

In the case of Europe, the decision to adopt a universal charger was related to Efforts to reduce e-waste Which happens every year. India is the second largest market for smartphones in the world, so this regulation could further reduce the harmful footprint of the devices in the world.

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