Indiana teacher who was allegedly

Teacher at East Chicago, Indiana school says she has ‘kill list’ of students, police say

Teacher at East Chicago, Indiana school says she has ‘kill list’ of students, police say


A fifth grade teacher in East Chicago, Indiana is accused of creating a “kill list” that involved at least one student, CBS Chicago’s Germont Terry reports,

A student in her class at St. Stanislaus School is being credited for stepping up and telling the school authorities about it.

Some parents are not happy with how the private Catholic school told them about the troubling allegations.

Fifth-grader Portia Jones is one of the kids who reported to their teacher. He spoke to Terry with his father’s permission.

“She said she wanted to kill her middle school friends, her high school friends, and half her family,” Portia said.

Portia remembered the words she said her teacher said this week. In a meeting with her teacher, counselor and another student, Portia said the teacher also talked about harming students.

“Then he admitted he had a ‘kill list,'” Portia said.

It is unclear whether Portia herself was on the “kill list”. But his father is upset that his daughter is even talking about it.

“It’s other parents going through this as well, because it’s just more than what goes into here,” Kwonnis Jones said. “There are 23 people in his class alone.”

East Chicago Police said after Portia, the counselor and another student reported the threat to the principal Wednesday afternoon, the teacher was immediately taken to the principal’s office.

Police said the teacher admitted to making the remarks and confirmed she had a “murder list”.

The teacher named a specific student on her list, but did not provide the list. The headmaster asked the teacher to leave the school and not return till the investigation was done.

The police was informed about the teacher’s departure after about four hours.

On Thursday, police received an emergency detention order for the teacher from Lake County, Indiana prosecutors. After this, the police arrested the teacher from her house in Griffith on Thursday morning.

“They should never have let him out their door,” Jones said. “They should have called the police then and there.”

“You let go of someone who is making allegations and confirming them,” said parent Kirsten Saldivar.

Parents are angry with how the school informed about the incident. In emails sent to parents, the school never mentioned a list of threats or murder.

“She said these kids get so on her nerves that she wants to kill them. Like, what kind of person says that?” Kianis Jones said. “She’s not a psychic. She’s a teacher. Come on now. You all did background checks—unless you all did.”

Friday is e-learning day in the school. CBS Chicago is not naming the teacher because she has not been officially charged.

Parents say they want to know who was on the “murder list” and more importantly, why.

St. Stanislaus School issued a statement which said:

“On Wednesday, October 12, at approximately 12:45, staff at St. Stanislaus School responded to a related report from a student regarding comments made by the student’s teacher. The teacher was removed from the classroom and sent to the principal’s office. , where she remained under observation and had no contact with the students. The teacher was interviewed to identify the details of the incident.

“After the students were safely evicted at the end of the school day, the teacher was taken off campus and the East Chicago Police Department was notified at approximately 4:45 a.m. When asked, the police called the principal assured that the facility is secure and they can proceed normally with all scheduled teaching and school programs for the next school day.

“The well-being and safety of our Catholic school students and staff is a top priority. In response to this incident, principals have moved to an e-learning environment for Friday, October 14 and have provided resources including access to a school. Counselor , to support students during this difficult time. The school is working closely with local authorities and the Diocese of Gary’s school office to ensure that St. Stanislaus students have a safe and supportive environment in which to live May they learn, grow and prosper.

“… If anyone has additional information or questions related to this investigation, we encourage you to contact the East Chicago Police Department.”

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