Ines Gomez Mont’s indiscretion “destroyed” Erica Beaunfil’s life

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we still don’t know anything about it Ines Gomez Montu But gradually his best and worst moments are remembered on Mexican television, Like the time she expressed her love to Tom Brady in front of the cameras or when he puts Erica Beanfil in the eyes of scam

driver who was one of the most sought after at that time tvazteca, is still a fugitive from justice and nothing is known about her and her husband’s whereabouts. It is said that they are already in talks to try to solve the problem and that they live comfortably in the state of Chiapas, but nothing is yet closed or publicly known, so it is very likely that He will also end up in jail if he reappears at any time.

Recalling the controversies that took place in his career as a driver, the attacks against him on social networks are increasing every time. Now that Erica Beaufil has established herself as the queen of TikTok, she has got many more fans who follow her every step of the way and defend her from everything that could harm her .

The actress’s oldest followers recall the time Ines Gomez Montt revealed Erica Buenafil’s best-kept secret, turning her personal life completely upside down. On th eway “windowing“, show program directed by Where is Chapoy?, Erica revealed the name of the father of Beaufil’s son when she had been keeping it for years to keep her personal life private.

Ines Gómez Montt mentions that Ernesto Zedillo Jr. was Nicolas’ father And that he and his wife wanted the news to be known, so he asked the actress to reveal it exclusively on the program.

“I’m so nervous, the only thing I’ve got is a call for affection. There are people making firewood from a fallen tree, the only thing I can say is it’s true and at that point I’ll tell my story and that , Maybe it was kind of too cold, without giving much importance to what it deserved, which is my son, the person who gave it, and well, they’ve already given it, they’ve already moved on But no one else had the right to speak except me.”Mentioned Erica Beaunfil before the work of Ines Gómez Mont.

Now the Queen of TikTok did not keep quiet at that time and mentioned in a later interview that the driver who is now on the run, as he did with Tom Brady, was ready to do anything for another point of rating.

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