Influencer moves on to older adult; complaint in the network of his death

  • In the world, the dominant market value is expected to reach $16.4 billion, according to a projection by Status of Influencer Marketing 2022.

  • a study titled “Comms Report 2020” This ensures that celebrities have an effectiveness of 18 percent as influencers.

  • The case of Julia Reis is added to the case of Mexican celebrities such as actor Pablo Lyle, who was sentenced in the United States after a street incident that claimed the life of a man.

a influential person Brazil has caused controversy, because after run over for an older adult, in fact who Deathcomplained about Accident In social networks, mourning the reaction of the victim’s kin.

There is an interesting market of influence in the world, which is estimated 16 thousand 400 million dollars, according to the projection of “The State of Influencer Marketing 2022”, It is noted within this study that the market value of influential people has grown quickly $1.7 billionWhich is expected to reach in 2016.

the case we will read about julia risoJoe is a Brazilian singer and influencer, joined by other celebrities like Mexican Actor pablo lyleWho was sentenced in the United States after physically assaulting a man after acting in a street incident.

a viral accident

julia riso He uploaded a video in which he admitted that he had an accident with a man on October 14 in Tabarito, Minas Gerais, where the woman was pushed from his car. Augustine Asencao da Silva86 years.

Image by Agostinho Esençao da Silva.

Local media reports warned that relatives and people present at the scene, joined to move the car and free the man who was pressed between the vehicle and the wall, later took him to the hospital where they amputated two of his legs. , however later lost his life.

After the accident, the singer’s representatives also reported that she would cancel a performance and that she was very upset because the woman had taken medication after the accident.

What surprised the influencer’s followers is that she complained on her social network that the victim’s family had not responded to her messages. WhatsAppWhere he has obviously helped them.

“It so happens that despite the fact that the doctor advised me to take care of myself, I published on my social network a few hours after the accident, an official statement expressing my condolences to the family of the older adult and myself. What was necessary to provide to them. Help them (…) However, as will be shown later, Mr. Agostinho’s family refused to respond to my attempts to contact him via WhatsApp, ” he said influential person In a message that has drawn criticism for its lack of tact.

Incidents like these involving influencers remind us of the challenge of communicating on these social networks and how Julia Rees’ actions, criticizing her victim’s relatives for not responding to her messages on WhatsApp, influence markets. and how important it is to limit measures that properly regulate this section.

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