Ingrid Coronado: 4 tight bikinis with which her figure looks different at the age of 48

ingrid coronado She is one of those celebrities who oozes style with every look she shows on her social network, and without a doubt she is her skimpy bikini With which she melts the platforms and confirms herself as the queen of the beach because of her flirty outfits Her figure stands at age 48 And it just clarifies that age is just a number and doesn’t matter when it comes to splurging on beauty.

Presenter, who has recently given something to talk about his statements in a conversation with Yordi Rosado about his relationship and divorce from the driver fernando del solarWho has passed away a few months ago, has made it clear that he has faced many problems in life, such as being accused of leaving the Argentine actor, however, the reality is different, as he said in the interview Told them to trend.

Ingrid radiates beauty in a flirty look. Photo: FB @ Ingrid Coronado

Ingrid Coronado shines in bikini and falls in love

Coronado She is currently working as an announcer in MVS and promoting her book “woman“In addition, he is very active on his social networks, especially in Instagram and FacebookIn which she shares photos with photos that her fans love, showering her with compliments with hundreds of comments and thousands of “likes”, confirming that even at 48 she is a role model for many women. A fashion icon.

ingrid She is also one of those beautiful celebrities who defy the rules of fashion although some designers like it carolina herrera Convinced that two-piece swimsuits shouldn’t be worn after 40, the host does it in the best possible way and wows her millions of followers with her outfits on digital platforms Narrow And perfect for a day at the beach.

The presenter falls in love while enjoying the sea. Photo: FB @ Ingrid Coronado

In the photos that the presenter shows in her official accounts, she can be seen showing off her style with trendy outfits that are ideal for highlighting the female silhouette, and although coronado This shows that while her favorite designs are high-waisted pantyhose and ruffles on top, she also wears other more daring ones, such as tops with lace or plunging necklines.

“How pretty you are”, “Gorgeous!”, “The most beautiful and elegant”, “How I love your looks I love how fashionista you are”, “A real goddess” and “Preciosa!!!”, by presenter Among the publications shared are some of the comments received by the presenter, which shows that her fans are delighted with her beauty and style, as she is positioned as a benchmark for women over 40.

Show off your fabulous body in flirty outfits. Photo: FB @ Ingrid Coronado

In May this year, the presenter and former singer launched her second book, “Mujerón”, a publication with which she wants to send a message to the female gender. After being the vocalist of the music group “Garibaldi”, coronado He gained popularity as a presenter on TV Azteca with shows such as “Sexos en Guerra”, “Tempranito” and “Venga la Alegría”. Today it is consolidated as one of the favorites on social networks, where it stands out for its looks, with which it has become a fashion benchmark.

She impresses style with her colorful bikini. Photo: FB @ Ingrid Coronado

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