Instagram copies BeReal: It’s testing a function to share what you do in real time in Stories

The dynamics of BeReal are very simple: users of the social network Receive a notification for uploading a post in real time What they’re doing and how other people react or comment. This base is winning among Internet users, who see in this application a way to be more authentic and detox than the filters.

Recently, TikTok wanted to copy this idea from BeReal and created TikTok Now, further demonstrating the success of the new platform. However, it is not the only app that tries to copy BeReal format. Reverse engineering expert Alessandro Paluzzi shared a thread on Twitter in which he showed A fairly similar task that Instagram is developing.

Minors are easier to manipulate and are more vulnerable to sexting matters.

Instagram Glimpses

Paluzzi, already known for discovering several Instagram features, assures that BeReal’s dynamic copying tool is called ‘Glimpse’ And it’s “a new kind of story to share a moment”.

,Take a photo or a short video with the front and rear cameras Paluji explained. Only people who can see your story add a short story.”

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