Instagram Crash? A bug causes thousands of accounts to be suspended around the world

WhatsApp failed last week and today it seems Instagram’s turn has come. Thousands of people have told that Meta App has suspended his profile without any justification.

As reported by affected users on Twitter, today they received a notification from Instagram saying that “We have suspended your account on 31 October 2022.” Along with the message, the platform warns that they have a period of 30 days to protest the suspension of the account.

There seems to be no logical reason to block profiles at large, as in the notification they do not comment on the reasons nor do the users get any justification. This would invite us to think that it is a problem with the application that is causing harm. in different parts of the world.

The official Instagram account on Twitter reported the situation: “We know that some of you are having trouble accessing your Instagram account. We are looking into this and apologize for the inconvenience,

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