Instagram doesn’t want you to be on the border: App will show kind notifications

Instagram expands the tools it offers users use the platform safelyIncludes improvements to account lockout, new word filtering features, and reminders to be kind when composing direct messages.

Instagram users currently have the ability to block another person’s account, and with the latest update to the platform, they will be able to extend that block to any other accounts that the same person has opened on the social network.

it wants innovation Prevent blocked person from contacting user again, as the company states in a press release. The company estimates that, since this is an automatic block, it will be necessary to block about 4 million fewer accounts each week, as stated in its blog.

Another tool that has been updated is one that allows Filter direct messages and comments by words, phrases or emojiWhich has already been used by one in five users with more than 10,000 followers.

Currently, Instagram is Testing its default activation on professional accounts, and have expanded their coverage to the stories’ reactions. In addition, the filters have been improved so that they can detect intentional misspellings of offensive words in different languages.

Too Will start filtering Direct Message requests which consists of spam And the scams start with the English language, though the company hopes to expand it to more countries and languages ​​soon.

After WhatsApp, Google also wants to join the reactions on YouTube.

For Direct Messages, when the platform detects that someone has written something that may have a negative impact on the user, it will trigger Show a kindness notification in the next few weeksNamely, a reminder that there is a person on the other side, so that they reflect and express themselves in a more respectful way.

Instagram has also included a notification for people who are going to respond to a potentially offensive comment. purpose of reconsiderationWhich is now available for users using English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Chinese or Arabic.

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