Instagram has been fined 405 million euros for violating the privacy of minors

Irish Data Protection Commission (DPC) Meta has been fined 405 million euros After an investigation discovered data handling of teenagers.

Caolme McGuire (spokesman for the DPC) told The Verge that the decision and fine were finalized last Friday, and full details of the decision will be released later this week.

The investigation began two years ago and focused on two ways in which the company allegedly violated the rules of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Instagram allowed users aged 13 to 17 who could Activate your accounts as CommercialAs a result, information on minors was publicly exposed. is considered, application Too accounts made public Some young users by default.

Meta said in a statement to Politico that the setting was “updated over a year ago, and since then we’ve released a number of new features for help keep teens safe and your personal information.

“anyone Under 18 your account is automatically set to private When they join Instagram, only people they know can see what they post, and adults can’t message teens who don’t follow them.”

The Lite version of the app has no ads and also uses less mobile data.

It is the largest fine ever imposed on Meta by the DPC, easily dwarfing the €225 million faced by the DPC after WhatsApp failed to adequately notify EU citizens that it was storing your data. How collects and uses

Meta told the Associated Press that “we disagree with the way this fine was calculated and we have intention to appeal,

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