Instagram has launched a feature that helps you recover your account if it gets hacked.

In 2022 almost no one makes photo albums anymore. They have been replaced by social networks such as Instagram. There users save the images they like the most while posting them. When their accounts get hacked, they not only lose access to a profile with a certain number of followers, hundreds of likes and direct messages, They lose control of their shared memories. Now, Meta wants to stop this and has opened a portal that makes it easy to recover hacked accounts.

There are users who have paid ransom to get their accounts back and others who have hired hackers to help them regain access to their stolen profiles. The reason many people have turned to these alternatives is because Instagram has only provided To get into their hacked accounts.

Meta’s solution is to make, a social network website designed to provide assistance to users whose accounts have been stolen, with the intention of helping them as quickly as possible without paying third parties. Through this portal, Internet users can indicate the reason why they cannot access their profile:

  • He hacked your account.
  • have forgotten them Password,
  • login code It has been sent to a mobile number or email they do not have access to.
  • has anyone used your name, photo or your information to create a new account.
  • your account is done disabled.

Users need to provide username, telephone number or email once they have selected the reasons why they cannot enter their profile, to recognise, This way, Instagram will be able to analyze the situation and return the account to the owner as soon as it confirms that it has been hacked.

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This cyber security option is in addition to other account recovery features Instagram is testing, such as the ability to select two friends so that they can help verify the identity of the user If they lose control of your profile.

Users can choose two friends to verify their identity.
Users can choose two friends to verify their identity.

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