Instagram will finally allow programming content from the platform itself

Instagram users They will be able to program their publications from the application itself, as declared by the forum itself. With this new feature, you no longer have to resort to other applications such as Meta Creator Studio or third-party services.

The novelty, which is already being tested in the accounts of content creators and companies, will facilitate the programming of reels, photos and carousels. In particular, Instagram will allow you to configure posts period up to 75 days.

To access this tool, users must access ‘Advanced Configuration’. This option can be viewed right after you’ve edited a photo or video before publishing, in the same place Instagram allows you to write captions, tag people, or add locations.

Once the user is directed to ‘Advanced Settings’, they have to select the option ‘Schedule this post’, Here the internet user has to select the time and date of publication and click on ‘Schedule’.

These scheduled publications can be found in the section called ‘Scheduled Content’ Which will be found in the drop-down menu in the user’s profile. This way you can edit or cancel the schedule of a video or photo.

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Other features coming to Instagram

Meta has also informed that they are deploying ‘Achievements’ feature for the reels, designed for content creators. It involves unlocking achievements by accounts by completing certain tasks.

Achievements can range from collaborating with another creator profile to creating interactive reels with surveys and questionnaires. “We released ‘Achievements’ To reward the effort of the creators They put on their reels that they’re testing around the world”, he explains on Instagram.

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