Interpol launches world’s first police metaverse

Mark Zuckerberg already warned us at the end of 2021 about the importance of the metaverse in the future. The media started talking about it because of his strategy to rename his parent company Facebook to Meta. digital world.

Almost a year later, the World Police Organization (Interpol) announced at its 90th General Assembly in New Delhi that it is the first Metaverse designed for law enforcement agencies across the world. According to the unit’s website, the virtual space will allow users to move around An electronic headquarters of the Interpol General Secretariat in Lyon (France).

The organization’s metaverse has no geographic or physical boundaries, so Officers will be able to talk to each other Thank you for your avatars. In addition, they clarify that intensive training courses in forensic investigation and other policing skills can be undertaken.

“For many, the metaverse heralds an intangible future, but the issues it raises have always inspired Interpol: supporting our member states to fight crime and create The world, virtual or not, is safe “For those living in it”, said Interpol Secretary General Jürgen Stock.

At the General Assembly, Interpol assured that its Metaverse would use the organization’s Secure Cloud, guaranteeing its neutrality. Just like that, Program entered the digital world Using a virtual reality headset.

Interpol elaborated that they would make A group of experts in the metaverseSo that the security forces of different countries can solve their doubts about this technology.

The opening of the Metaverse Gallery premieres in 2006 with Shoshanna Epsilon.

The organization has also talked about the importance of moving its services across the network, as cybercrime continues to grow and some crimes have already been committed in the metaverse. “By identifying these risks early, we can work with stakeholders to shape the necessary governance framework and Eliminate the criminal markets of the future “Before they are fully formed,” said Madan Oberoi, Interpol’s executive director of technology and innovation.

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