Investment Scams: Stay Away From Potential Opportunities If You See Any of These Signs

Online fictitious investment scams, which are believed to make victims pay huge sums of money, are widely used by cyber criminals. If you fall into one, you will not get profit, but quite the contrary: you will be robbed.

The Civil Guard through its Twitter account has alerted about the dangers behind these cyber threats and how users can detect and avoid them. “The most common ‘investment scams’ may include Attractive investment opportunities in stocks, bonds, cryptocurrencies, rare metals, foreign investments or alternative energy“, insists the institution put notice to netizens.

How to Spot an ‘Investment Scam’?

  • you receive unwanted calls or messagesS constantly.
  • They promise you a safe investment And assured big quick wins.
  • purported investment proposal valid for a limited time only, They do this with the intention that the victims don’t wonder whether it is a scam or not and invest quickly so as not to miss out on the false opportunity.
  • is proposed available only to you And they tell you not to tell anyone.

Experts recommend not giving bank or personal details, especially if we are not sure that the SMS is official.

Take steps to avoid falling prey to these cyber risks

  • Get reliable financial advice Whenever you want to transfer money or invest.
  • Reject unwanted calls or messages Which are related to the projected investment opportunities.
  • Be skeptical of promising offers A safe investment with high profits and guaranteed returns.
  • If you are going to invest, always be alert,
  • If you believe you may be facing a potential scam, Contact the authorities.

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