iPhone 14 confuses roller coaster with traffic accident and calls to emergency services are triggered

‘Crash Detection’ There is a traffic accident detection system that is installed on some Apple devices. It is able to detect when there has been a serious collision with the vehicle and 20 seconds after doing so, it automatically contacts emergency services.

The system has saved more than one life since it was incorporated into some Apple brand devices. However, an error in the function caused many iPhones to call 911 (the number for emergencies in the United States). Mistaking the speed of the roller coaster as an accident.

Emergency calls occur when the terminal owner does not respond to the information sent by the phone. When this happens, the device sends an audio message to emergency services to report the situation, provide vital data for rescue, as geographic coordinates with an approximate search radius.

According to The Wall Street Journal, errors have been discovered in recent weeks, particularly among users who have been to amusement parks. kings island You dollywoodis located in the United States of America.

The brand's accident detection system is available on the new iPhone 14.
The brand’s accident detection system is available on the new iPhone 14.

One of the cases that has been mentioned in the media is that of a woman who was carrying her iPhone 14 Pro, which climbed a roller coaster about 33 meters high and reached a speed of over 50 km/h. She tells that when she got off the ride she found A series of calls and voice messages from the emergency service Asked about his condition.

They can be connected via Bluetooth.

The ‘Crash Detection’ function works on the generation of iphone 14 and on clocks Watch Series 8, Apple Watch SE (2nd Generation), and Apple Watch Ultra, The company hasn’t said whether it will take action against this failure, but users can prevent this function from being activated if they put the device into airplane mode when they’re on a roller coaster ride.

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