Irina Baeva and Gabriel Soto performed strange rituals in their mansion

Gabriel Soto and Irina Baeva perform rituals in their mansion

Gabriel Soto is one of the established actors in the industry, is considered one of the most iconic leading men in telenovelas, and has also ventured into music and dance, despite being one of the best actors, he is remembered for that character. Ulysses the Ugly in the telenovela “Amigus y Rivals” where he partnered with Admari López.

After that coveted role, the actor has created several soap operas in which he has been the protagonist and for this he is able to make a great fortune with which he has acquired a lavish estate worth a million dollars in Acapulco, where he spends His holidays with his current partner, Russian actress Irina Baeva, with whom he is currently in the eye of a storm due to an alleged infidelity on his part.

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On this occasion we will reveal a ritual that was implemented by the couple made up of Gabriel Soto and Irina Baeva, because in the actor’s luxurious mansion, in addition to the impressive view of the beach, the property has a kind of labyrinth where the couple worshiped Buddha. Performed introspection in front of the idol, which is a ritual of analyzing oneself and reflecting on them and being able to transform them and thus create an awareness of one’s moods to achieve a healthy coexistence.

Who Was “Ulysses the Ugly”?

Actor Gabriel Soto gave life to Ulysses in 2002, a young man from a wealthy family, apart from being a very intelligent person, however, he was not very sure about his personality as his physical form was not the best. Because he was suffering from acne and some humiliated him, however, with the help of Adamari Lopez he was able to change his look and give life to the heartbeat we know today.

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