Irina Beva and 5 bikinis with which the Russians taught and raised the temperature

One of those couples that has given something to talk about is Irina baeva You Gabriel to do this Because they have been engaged, but the wedding date has been postponed on several occasions for different reasons, due to the coronavirus pandemic. COVID-19 and in the midst of war Russia You Ukraine Main. It must be remembered that the actress is originally from a country ruled by Vladimir Putin and her family finds it difficult to leave the country to attend the festivities.

Now, due to various commitments, the two have “moved away”, so it was rumored that they could end their relationship with the plus who was seen next to the 30-year-old Hollywood actor, Brit George, As soon as the press could contact him, he separately mentioned that their relationship was intact and that the man was a friend of the Russians he worked with.

“And the wedding planning continues. We’ll have to wait to see what happens with the novel and what happens to her family, but all is well,” he said at the time. Gabriel to do this After being captured by the media at Mexico City International Airport (AICM) However, the fact that they no longer published together on their social networks, as they regularly did, perpetuated this idea until November 2, 2022.

Irina Beva has postponed her wedding to Gabriel Soto due to work reasons (Photo: IG @irinabaeva)

it was in instagram stories Irina baeva Who shared some pictures on the occasion of his birthday which he celebrated on 25 October. In these you can see the apartment in which they are completely decorated with balloons and flowers. Though he didn’t post a strong message, the actor’s username Lal Dil Se could be seen. With this he calmed the water of doubt among his fans and haters, who still do not forgive that he has left Geraldine Bazhan with whom he was married from 2016 to 2018.

Irina Beva is originally from Moscow, Russia (Photo: IG @irinabaeva)

Irina Beva

Despite not posting further pictures Gabriel to do this, Irina baeva Yes, she is very active on her social networks where she shares many projects in which she is involved, as well as moments from her personal life. Being a well-known model, it is natural that she creates various seasonal outfits so that her followers can know what to wear in those special or casual moments.

Irina Beva has clarified the rumors of her alleged separation from Gabriel Soto (Photo: IG @irinabaeva)

Being a beautiful woman with an athletic figure, a product of sweating fat drop at the gym and eating healthy, it is also logical that she wants to teach a little through it. bikini, many of them are sensual or flirtatious. For these reasons, she captivates her nearly 4 million followers, who support her in every single of her publications. Here we are telling about some such models who broke Instagram and for which they got showers of praises and Likes One Irina baeva,

Irina Baeva has made her followers go crazy with her outfits (Photo: IG @irinabaeva)
Irina Baeva studied at Televisa’s CEA (Photo: IG @irinabaeva)

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