Is Brad Pitt Dating Emily Ratajkowski? The model finally addresses romance rumors

Brad Pitt and Emily Ratajkowski are currently grabbing headlines due to their dating rumors over the past few weeks. The duo have not been seen dating, but sources close to them revealed that they were getting to know each other. Recently, Emily left her fanbase confused after her TikTok video of hers suggested that she was bisexual. Now, she has finally revealed if she is single or dating ‘someone’.

emily’s confession

The model, who previously filed for divorce from Sebastian Bear-McClard amid the latter’s cheating rumors, recently opened up about the status of their relationship. Emily spoke to Variety about the same thing and talked about being in a place where she was learning to “let go.” Speaking of the 31-year-old model, she’s split from her husband of four years and is currently hogging the spotlight due to her dating rumors with Brad Pitt. She finally cleared up the rumors, saying, “I’m just single for basically the first time in my life, and I feel like I’m enjoying the freedom of not being super worried about how I’m perceived. The statement is enough to put an end to all the dating rumors surrounding her and Brad Pitt.

Amid romance rumors with Emily Ratajkowski, Brad Pitt is also grabbing headlines due to his ongoing legal battle with ex-wife Angelina Jolie over their French winery. Recent court documents reportedly showed Jolie accused her ex-husband, Pitt, of a choking-and-hitting incident involving their children on the road in a private plane in 2016. Now, Brad Pitt’s attorney has opened up about the whole thing and called it a ‘personal attack’ on the actor.

attorney’s response

Brad Pitt’s current attorney, Anne Kiley, spoke about the legal matter for page six and stated that the actor would not take any responsibility for anything he has not done following the recent accusations of Angelina Jolie. The lawyer further added that Pitt owned everything he was responsible for, unlike the ‘other side’. In addition, the actor’s spokesman also called the allegations false after Angelina Jolie’s new court documents detailed multiple allegations of abuse against him.

Brad Pitt’s attorney also said that the actor is currently on the receiving end of personal attacks and misrepresentations. Kiley further maintained that, despite what is said on the other side (Jolie’s side), the public authorities had made independent decisions.

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