Is Netflix asking you to renew your subscription? Don’t get bitten, it’s a scam to access your account

Internet Security Office (OSI) has detected fraudulent SMS reception (Smishing) is replacing Netflix. the aim of the campaign is Redirect the victim to a website that mimics the platform through a deceptive linkIn this way, cybercriminals gain access credentials to accounts

OSI states that the affected resource is “any person who has a subscription to the Netflix platform, who has received malicious messages and entered their credentials on a fake website.”

Fraudulent text messages caught so far Speciality By:

  • There is a link that begins with ‘HTTPS,
  • Identified URLs use Similar words of brandFor example ‘netfspain’ or ‘neftxes’.
  • use claims Such as ‘Verify data’, ‘Payment declined’ or ‘Update your information’.
  • may include texts spelling error,
  • messages arrive Introduced by the term ‘Netflix:’ To give more credibility.
  • is generated urgency To take action within a 24-hour period.

If you click on a link that begins with ‘https’, you are redirected to a fraudulent website that asks you to log in with your access credentials. Once entered, a message is displayed indicating that Account has been temporarily suspendedAnd on clicking the ‘Next’ button, a form will appear for entering billing information (name, surname, address, postal code, telephone number and date of birth).

next, You will be asked to enter your bank details. through another form, and after entering them, a code will be received on the given phone number, however if you press ‘Next’, a message will appear informing the victim that their account has been verified .

Finally, when selecting the button, You will be redirected to the official Netflix website, but cybercriminals will have gotten all the data.

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I have been cheated, what can I do?

OSI indicates that “The first thing you should do is to check if you still have access to your Netflix account. If so, then, change the password (Remember to set a strong password). If you can’t connect to your Netflix account because a cybercriminal has taken over it, we recommend that you Contact Service Provider (Netflix),

On the other hand, “If you have entered your credit card details, the recommendation is Contact your bank immediately or to proceed with the emergency telephone number of the company that issued your credit card to block or cancel movements made recently or in the future”.

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