Is Russia Boycotting Europe’s Internet? Suspicion grows over three damaged submarine cables

The Nordstream 1 and 2 pipeline incident in early October raised concerns that underwater fiber optic cables might be damaged. Cable cuts were detected in the south of France last week Affected main connectivity cables in Asia, Europe, USA And potentially in other parts of the world.

The damage caused in the Nord Stream gas pipeline at the beginning of the month.
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Failures were found in the Marseille–Lyon, Marseille–Milan and Marseille–Barcelona connections. According to cloud security company Zscaler, some internet customers suffered due to the outage Data loss and increased latency When visiting websites and applications affected by damaged paths.

To fix these issues, Zscaler said they were adjusting routing “as much as possible” and collaborating with content providers. A day after the accident was confirmed, the company assured that The links were fixed.

There are currently 426 cables.

Russia doubts

French Armed Forces Minister Florence Parly announced ahead of Russia’s military entry into Ukraine that Submarine cables can be “targeted by nations tempted to destroy them”. Since June, the Naval Operations, Surveillance and Maritime Action Center (COVAM), with an operational center in Cartagena, has seen three “main detections” of Russian ships on or near large submarine data cables that send digital signals to Spain or other European countries. logically connect. out. Together these two pieces of information raise doubts about a possible Russian sabotage of Europe.

Officials who spoke with El Periodico de Catalunya elaborated that they are fishing boats: “They are fishing boats or commercial vessels sailing slowly or at high speed on camouflage, off or on cable.” are, but With non-logical titles and an illogical closeness to cable,

This is not the first time submarine cable cuts have been detected in Europe and Russia. BBC reported a damaged cable Connecting the Shetland Islands to Scotland.

Submarine fiber optic network map in spectacular 3D entertainment

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg defined cables as “critical infrastructure” two years ago, because they Depends on the functioning of the Internet, financial markets, and even some military capabilities, This was shown by leaks from Nordstream 1 and 2, which were supposedly protected by strong material.

Cutting submarine cables causes damage to civilian, military and government communications.
Cutting submarine cables causes damage to civilian, military and government communications.
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100 to 150 submarine cables are cut every year, so the Russians are not to blame. However, it is quite a coincidence that So many incidents happen in just one week If we take into account the current war conflict.

cutting wires, Russia can send message to Europe. This action could cripple companies, cause huge economic losses and cut off civilian, military or government communications.

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