Is the Serial Killer in Stockton, California Also the “Duck Walk Killer” of Chicago?

Is the serial killer in Stockton, California also the ‘duck walk killer’ who terrorized Rogers Park?

Is the serial killer in Stockton, California also the ‘duck walk killer’ who terrorized Rogers Park?


Police in Stockton, Calif. are working directly with Chicago police to determine whether a serial killer in Stockton is the same man who shot and killed two people in cold blood in Chicago’s Rogers Park neighborhood in 2018 . CBS Chicago reports,

Laura Heffeli of CBS Sacramento first broke the story with the help of Brad Edwards of CBS Chicago, who confirmed it to his police sources.

The Stockton serial killer who, according to police, killed six people and injured a seventh in Stockton and Oakland, is a city on edge as they wonder who might be next.

All the victims were shot, and police say ballistic evidence has linked the same person to the shooting.

stockton serial killer

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Last week, police released video surveillance footage of the man they believe to be the killer and asked residents to pay attention to his moves. His step is uneven and walks with his hand in his pocket.

After the surveillance video was released, Edwards called CBS Sacramento and told them about the Rogers Park murders.

In the fall of 2018 two men – Eliahu Moskowitz and Douglas Watts – were killed over a period of about 36 hours.

Douglas Watts (left) and Eliyahu Moskowitz (right) were shot and killed in separate blocks over a period of about 36 hours, and police have determined that both men were killed with the same gun. (photos supplied to CBS)

First, Watts, 73, was shot on September 30, 2018 while walking his two dogs.

The next night, Mossowitz was walking on a bike path when someone shot him. Moskowitz worked at a grocery store.

Both victims were shot in the head, and the then-Chicago Superintendent of Police. Eddie Johnson said in the days following the shooting that ballistic tests confirmed that the shells from both shoots came from the same gun.

The masked gunman was caught on surveillance video, and police have said he has a distinct duck walking or limping. The suspect has been described as a duck walk killer.

Chicago police say this man is a suspect in the deadly shooting of 73-year-old Douglas Watts on September 30, 2018. Ballistic tests have linked the shooting to another murder a day later, the murder of 24-year-old Eliahu Moskowitz. (credit: Chicago Police)

He hasn’t been seen since.

“This double murder shook Chicago — no one has forgotten about it, and we have a lot of crimes in Chicago,” Edwards from CBS Chicago told CBS Sacramento.

CBS Sacramento compared surveillance videos of the suspects, and the similarities between the men are striking. Both are dressed in black, their heads and faces are covered, and their walk is almost identical.

“Over and over again we’ve heard ‘Pay attention to move, move… walk,’ and it struck a chord. This week, when detectives in Chicago watched the video out of Northern California, it was ‘payoff’ again. Focus on the move,” Edwards said.

Now, both the police departments are trying to find out if the killers are the same person.

“My sources tell me there are high-level talks going on,” Edwards told CBS Sacramento. “There is a complete open book sharing of information.”

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