It comes to light that Fernando del Solar may have entered into a sect with Anna Ferro

One of the saddest news related to the field of entertainment was the death of Fernando del Solar, Well, on June 30, 2022 It was reported that the popular presenter passed away at the age of 49a fact that was communicated by Sergio Sepulveda During the broadcast of the program “Venga la Alegría”.

death of fernando del solar Although surprised the Mexican show business Presenter’s health condition was rapidly decliningHis death affected his co-workers and his fans alike, as he was a much-loved figure to Mexican audiences.

In the months since his death, Fernando del Solar has been involved in a controversy Ingrid Coronado, who was the partner of the presenter believes that, in the last days of his life, Fernando was part of a sect where he tried to cure the disease that afflicted him.

Fernando was part of a sect where he tried to cure the disease he was suffering from
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Was Fernando del Solar part of a cult?

comments of ingrid coronado Join the statements made by the photographer poncho martinezwho during the programfrom history to historyHe said that through an investigation he concluded that Fernando del Solar belonged to the sect of Rene May.Which turns out to be a foundation and a yoga group.

ingrid coronado He has also come to express himself in this regard, as he remarks Fernando stopped chemotherapy in a surprising way, in addition to completely changing his personalitysomething that his ex-partner ascribes to the sect’s influence on the presenter.

“They tell you that you can be almost magically cured, to clear your mind, to forget everything and that ‘you have to obey, you have to obey, everyone is bad, we have to Give money'” Ingrid Coronado commented in the Yordi Rosado program

Fernando del Solar’s partner, Anna Ferro, has also been linked to the controversial sectTill here Ingrid Coronado speculates that the marriage between Fernando and Anna was not for love, since it was only An event that was done to raise money for the groundbreaking group.

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