It is ‘Proteus’, the underwater version of the International Space Station proposed by Jacques Cousteau’s grandson.

Oddly spiral-shaped, three or four times the size of any previously built underwater habitat, it can accommodate up to twelve people at a time. that’s how it is Proteus is the world’s most advanced underwater scientific research center who has projected Grandson of Jacques Cousteau,

Also famed ocean explorer and conservationist Fabian Cousteau has embarked on this adventure with the Fuseproject to design what he calls “The Underwater Version of the International Space Station”, In it they intend to address the “serious concerns of humanity: scientific discoveries, food sustainability and impacts”. Climate change,

“It will be a platform for global collaboration between researchers, academia, government agencies and corporations around the world Advancing science for the future benefit of the planet”, they assure.

Proteus would be attached to sea level by feet adapted to the terrain.

Despite being the largest ever built, the research center will be highly respected atmosphere You will be attached to the bottom of the sea by feet Designed to adapt to variable terrain.

The station is composed of a main module to which others are added that can be connected or disconnected as needed and which are suited to a wide variety of uses, such as laboratories, bedrooms, bathrooms, medical fields, life support systems and storage,

The protein has a spiral shape to “stimulate physical activity and movement of residents”.

The largest capsule contains a lunar pool that allows submersibles to dock And the spiral shape, which links the two levels of protein, is thus designed to “stimulate physical activity and movement of the residents”. In this way, a ramp connects the main common spaces, which include a living room, kitchen, dining room and work areas.

“underwater installation” Allows divers to examine the ocean floor throughout the day as they are already saturated (blood flow is equal to gases appropriate to the pressure of the surrounding water), which greatly accelerates their research potential, and they do not have to be exposed to daily dissolution and surface climate”, the people responsible for the project. Explain to

The station is composed of a main module with others that can be connected or disconnected
The station is composed of a main module with others that can be connected or disconnected.

and eating? station will be first underwater greenhouse So that residents can grow fresh plant foods and thus solve the challenge of not being able to cook food in an open fire.

This will be an underwater research base of about 1,200 square meters Designed to capture as much natural light as possibleWith windows in the upper part and around the structure, to make living more comfortable and bearable for its residents.

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