It turns out that Pablo Lyle’s relatives actually abandoned him when they learned of his sentence

Pablo Lyle

Pablo Leal is facing one of the worst moments of his life, it is known, however, most of the news that is known about the former actor is limited and is known only through the tests that he completes . It must be remembered that in all these months only two close people have come to testify, his sister and his wife.

The reason may be seen as the ultimate abandonment of their relatives, however, the reality is different. In the three years that Pablo Leal has been in prison for the crime of which he has been accused, he has not had physical contact with his relatives, because such a process forbids him. His sister told People en Español that he was only allowed phone calls.

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It is natural that in this type of process, while the innocence of a defendant is resolved and the evidence and other procedures in the trial are considered, the prisoners have to be kept in isolation, otherwise it would interfere with the verdict. The relatives should also refrain from giving any statement in this regard.

Lyle’s family have stayed close to the process despite the restrictions

Pablo Lyle was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter against a man over 60 years old in Florida after brutally stabbing him in 2019. The judges found him guilty and were deliberating whether the former actor would have to pay for his crime. That’s why he hasn’t been able to physically see his family, though he’s been insistent on showing his support.

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