It was a spectacular moment of impact against the asteroid Dimorphos as seen from the crashed ship’s camera

NASA’s DART spacecraft crashes at full speed asteroid dimorphos In what is humanity’s first attempt to protect Earth from collisions of future space objects, to divert its trajectory in space.

This Monday at 7:14 p.m. (local time in the eastern United States, 01:14 a.m. Tuesday Spanish Peninsular time), the ship crashed against the surface of the asteroid Dimorphos at a speed of 6.4 kilometers per second, which is located approx. 11 million kilometers Ground.

Although its effect can be seen on NASA’s live broadcast, scientists will have to wait days or even weeks To see if the unmanned spacecraft managed to change the asteroid’s orbit slightly.

Is first time in history of humanity trying to change the trajectory of a celestial body, in an effort to protect Earth from similar meteorites.

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