It was supposed to be better that it was Fernando Colunga, but it turned out to be worse than he imagined.

Fernando Colunga

With great television successes such as Jorge Salinas, Fernando Colunga is one of the most beloved actors of all time; But his success is believed to have been due to his characters as a chivalrous and noble man, with which he won over audiences; But nothing would be further from reality; Well, Salinas has shown his true face to the media.

Let the actor have a legal dispute with actress Andrea Noli for not recognizing his daughter; So when he was asked about his relationship with the young woman, he was always perplexed; He even gave a befitting reply to the media.

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He used to answer angrily and confidently: “I am a single father of 6 children and I am not going to share it with you” to which many assured that, like Fernando Colunga, he was only giving away his personal life. want to keep from the spotlight; But others, such as Gustavo Adolfo Infante, recalled that Salinas had always been a temperamental person.

Salinas’ character has always been a problem for him

Since it was said that he had problems with the producers and other cast members; Furthermore, it is known that his strong nature also led him to consume illegal substances, which affected him badly.

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