It was the tragic death of Juan Osorio’s son, he also acted in soap operas like his father

Undoubtedly, one of the most successful and beloved producers by the Artistic Guild john osorio who have been at the forefront of great stories in recent years such as “One Lucky Family”, “Salome”, “My Husband Has a Family” and recently “heritage” and unofficial series Vicente Fernandez.

Despite all the success he has enjoyed john osorio Throughout his extensive career, the producer has suffered one of the hardest blows life can give you: death of a child; Juan Osorio Jr. He was the eldest son of the producer but unexpectedly lost his life at the age of 30.

How did Juan Osorio’s son die?

was June 29, 2013 when Death reached Juan Osorio Jr. who was in the company of his girlfriend Daniela who in turn is the sister of the actress white soto, when he gave Sudden heart attack.

The producer’s son was very happy because very soon he was going to be a father, osorio junior Like his father, he was also a lover of television and acted in several productions televisa,

According to some versions, the young man began to feel bad, so he called an ambulance so that he could be treated by specialists, however, on the way to the hospital, the son of john osorio He died

“He was in great health, he was very happy, it was because he was going to be a father, because his girlfriend was going to give him a baby, he and his girlfriend were leaving their house when he had a heart attack. Had to walk.'” said Carmen Salinas upon arrival. For the funeral of Juan Osorio’s son

Relatives of Juan Osorio’s son arrive at the funeral, as well as friends between them Carmen Salinas, Myrin Villanueva, Edward Santa Marina, Rosie Ocampo, Sherlynamong many more.

son’s death news john osorio They received him in the hospital as he was hospitalized due to a health problem, but with the permission of his doctors and medical supervision, the producer went to say goodbye to his son.

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