It was this photo session with which Leticia Perdignon violated censorship in 1975

Leticia PerdigoneMexican film and television actress, undoubtedly had a leading edge in “Cine de Ficheras” as she began her acting career in 1973 with the film “Eva y Dario” and the telenovela “Mi Rival” and even over Also appeared in forty television shows and fifty movies cine,

By 1974, Leticia Perdignon had managed to get roles in two films. movie theater Unforgettable: “Omen” and “The Other Virginity” by Luis Alcorriza. The following year the actress filmed “Bellas de Noche”, this “file movies” which was made in Mexico. There he performed with Pancho Cordova, Jorge Rivero, Rosa Carmina, Enrique Novi and Mario García Hernández.

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