“It’s mine”: Barbara de Regil’s husband flaunts his wife’s figure and beauty in a unique way

one more time, barbara de regil used your account instagram The workouts that he does in the gym to show off, he has the physique that belies soap operas and everything that he does. However, this time she did it with her husband. Fernando Schoenwald Whom he loves madly as he loves her, as she accompanies him in all his craziness and adventures.

Ferr can hardly be seen as the protagonist of the actress’ videos, but this time it was notable that he didn’t care and made it clear that “rosary scissors“It’s only hers and nothing else. Without saying a single word, the 43-year-old gentleman caressed her as only one who has immense self-confidence can do.

was through the stories of barbara de regil Who guessed how her husband “marked” her Fernando schoenwald In play. As she lay down on a lounger on the beach, her husband (whom she had not seen for more than 10 days) put his palm over her. gluteus Left, Caressed him a little and then patted him. She took it as a couple to up her game, making it clear that their love was rock solid.

In the previous image you can see the lovebirds kissing each other: “For 8 years and ugh those kisses were like pride for me,” wrote the soap opera hero.Cabo“. The picture turned out to be more than romantic, because as if it were a fairy tale, they showed affection during a sea sunset Baja California Sur, But that wasn’t the only snapshot, as she accompanied it with several different messages showing how much in love she is with him.

Who is Fernando Schönwald?

Fernando Schoenwald He is a lawyer having experience in business field, he is 43 years old and as seen in the video, he is the owner of the hearts of the people barbara de regilWith whom he married on April 29, 2017. Their love story may not be the most spectacular, but it’s interesting because the driver introduced them Marco Antonio RegilThe cousin of the actress at an event where they met.

Barbara de Regil and Fer were married in 2017 (Photo: IG @barbaraderegil)

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