It’s not just your parents who will criticize your music now: This AI tells you how bad your taste is in the music you listen to on Spotify

Developed by Mike Lacher (freelance copywriter) and Matt Daniels (member of The Pudding) Intelligence Artificial Lamada ‘How Bad Is Your Streaming Music?’ Which judges the musical taste of the users.

spider web Adds a series of funny jokes and comments Already packed with information on artists, music genres, and albums found in Spotify and Apple Music.

by clicking on the following linkThe interested party will reach the page, Click on ‘Find’ buttonThis will allow to connect to the account and the artificial intelligence will check the most listened songs.

After several analyzes, the page will go to making ironic value judgments About what you find. For example, ‘Do you really like this song or is it ironic?’ or ‘Are you feeling good after listening to a group you listen to a lot?’

Once the conversation is over, the web starts up tag music That the user hears how bad it is will indicate the most in-demand songs and artists and the decade they were stuck in.

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