It’s ‘Old Age Suit’, a Simulator That Literally Puts You in Older People’s Place

Have you ever wondered how you will reach old age? The elderly complain of pain and often partially or completely lose the ability to hear and see, suffer from drumming or have mobility problems. Almost all of us will reach that age, but until we do, we won’t know what it feels like. Or at least we could not have known it before, as few students of the Master in Gerontology, Dependency and Protection of Elderly of the University of Granada have been able to prove A simulator that recreates aging and what can cause it.

Thanks to technology, students of this master’s degree can experience in the first person physical and sensory limitations which an elderly person can take. They have an acoustic device that mimics tinnitus, six glasses to show various visual deformities, a device that hinders neck mobility, weights to bend the back, objects with spikes that can cause back or knee pain. imitators, machines that produce tremors that simulate tremors in the hands and heavy shoes that complicate walking.

Andrea Lucena, a student at Andalusian University, explains what it’s like to have all this technology on you: “I feel heavy and isolatedBecause I don’t hear well and I can’t walk like I want to.” With these elements, another student, Maria Sol Torres, explains that they can put themselves “in the place of those who need us most.”

Juan Antonio Maldonado, Professor of the Department of Labor Law and Social Security at UGR and Coordinator of the Master’s Degree, comments that Older people were most affected by the pandemic And the measure aims to help students connect with elders with whom they will work after completing their master’s degree.

The mobile price on Amazon is only 99 euros.

For his part, José Luis Cabezas, director of the Secretariat for Inclusion and professor of developmental and educational psychology, believes the center’s techniques help achieve “effective and empathetic inclusion”:It is necessary to put oneself in the place of people with disabilities and the elderly.,

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