It’s The Millionaire Payment That Jennifer Aniston Asked Brad Pitt For Business Together

This year hasn’t painted anything good brad pitt, as he is currently in legal process with Angelina Jolie for the sale of one of his properties. Now, the one who has also come forward to claim some earnings from the time of marriage is Jennifer Aniston With which Brad did a . established business together, It is known that the actress require And millionaire pay To the actor by the production company Plan B.

Although it was believed that the relationship between Jennifer Aniston You brad pitt It was already abandoned, 17 years have passed since their separation; Looks like the actress doesn’t want to close this chapter and here’s why Business who founded with, It was in 2001 that the two actors founded the production company Plan B, of which Aniston is currently require And millionaire payWell, according to some sources, the actor plans to sell it.

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