It’s the NASAMS, the anti-aircraft shield that Zelensky requested from the US and that we already have in Spain

NATO is providing more military aid to Ukraine after Russia’s latest attacks on the European country. President Volodymyr Zelensky has requested NASAMS anti-aircraft shield For the United States, a defense technology that has been part of Spain’s military inventory for years.

“President Biden [de EEUU] He announced at the White House a few days ago that he has promised to continue to provide Ukraine with the assistance it needs to defend itself. That part of the latest technology was reported by National Security Council spokesman John Kirby, the official residence of the US president. who were about to send Two other NASAMS systems and over the long term it will deliver six more units.

What is NASAMS?

Its name is ‘Norwegian Advanced Surface-to-Air Missile System’, which means ‘Norwegian advanced surface-to-air missile system’. It is one of the most advanced anti-aircraft shield in the world and manages to form a dome with a radius of 50 kms.

Its developers are from the Norwegian company Kongsberg and the American company Raytheon. Started working in 1998, Since that year, the technology has become one of the most important anti-missile shields, with updates allowing it to continue to be the latest in defence.

NASAMS was last updated in 2019, however, the United States has not detailed whether this version will be delivered to Ukraine. Through Shield, hosts can mitigate any threat they face within its 50 km range, This includes everything from drones, helicopters and fighter planes to enemy drones and cruise missiles.

It includes Nvidia Xavier processor.

Researchers at Raytheon demonstrated in March this year that NASAMS could be used with a laser gun And eliminate the swarm of drones.

At present, the countries that have NASAMS are In the United States, Norway, Australia, Lithuania, the Netherlands and Spain. With the news that the North American country is going to give some to Ukraine, the list of countries with this technology will grow.

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