It’s worth the rub: Regina Blandon’s Olympic response to a man who criticized her

it seems that regina blandon They were like a “Bibi, why can’t you be a normal person?” Wanted to enforce, but this time she didn’t tolerate it and put a stop: She would continue to protect diversity and there would be a way to do it. continue to speak with an inclusive language,

Regina Blandon is a defender of diversity rights (Photo: Jaime Nogales / Medios y Media / Getty Images).

The actress is one of the personalities in favor of equal rights and in pursuit of recognition of members of the LGTTTIQ community. In fact, for many months in front of the media in his conferences or in his interviews he has been speaking in inclusive language and it hurts many people, as recently happened with one man.

“Looking at a promotion where they announce some National Theater Awards, it can’t be that they insist on their small letter ‘e,’ Regina Blandon when she’s promoting it. Remember, inclusion is this.” that they include people of different abilities in the awards, cite one example”, said Victor Hargan.

The criticism may have been lost in the vast universe of Twitter, but the complainant decided to label the actress Mirares vs Godinez, She, who could have ignored it, was not even silent and replied “Come out, champion, scored. Sleep for a while, if you want”.,

This isn’t the first time Blendon has decided to keep quiet. In the past, she has been more sociable and has explained the reasons for her decision, Given that the use of inclusive language allows many people to feel secure around a figure or within a space And that, in the future, builds communities.

“We do what we can, suddenly I forget (using it) but that’s because I’m trying to incorporate it everywhere, but here we go. We just have to listen, complete Privilegedly speaking, what remains for me (to do) is to listen and offer my platform, fortunately and incidentally, I reach more people, so what’s better than using it for that too,” he told the magazine. said in an interview with Who?,

She isn’t closed for a debate on, “I don’t have the absolute truth, much less, but I try to talk about the things that matter to me and I think… If I’m lucky enough to reach more people out there,” he said on that occasion.

importance of inclusive language

By Gender-inclusive language is understood as a way of expressing oneself orally and in writing without discrimination of any particular gender, social gender or gender identity and without perpetuating gender stereotypes.According to the United Nations (UN).

In this sense, the LGBTQ+ community began to use the letter ‘e’ to include gender within the language, so surely you’ve already heard words like ‘friends’, ‘everybody’, ‘we’, and more. where the vowels ‘a’ and ‘o’ are substituted.

Even the Royal Academy of the Spanish Language (RAE) supported this form of expression when it included the word “elle” in its Word Observatory in 2020, but someone changed their mind and ended it.

In 2021, he responded on Twitter that the use of “e” “as a presumptive sign of inclusive gender” was unnecessary.

The debate isn’t limited to just “e”. In the past, “x” or “@” have also been used as a way to include all genders, but perhaps what is important is the inclusion of women and sexual dissent that are not represented in traditional Spanish.

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